ClimateWatch is available in a 5-CD boxed set, and as individually sleeved CDs

CD1: Origins (45:35)

CD2: Change (55:50)

CD3: Impacts (57:41)

CD4: Action (57:42)

CD5: Public Service Messages (55 x 60 sec.)



Documentaries and public service messages produced and engineered by David Kattenburg, Earth Chronicle Productions.

Guitar instrumentals composed/arranged, and performed by Dan Weisenberger, Victoria, British Columbia. Synthesized sounds and percussion by Mo Karrouze, Brandon, Manitoba. All rights reserved by composers.

Voices from Sachs Harbour, Banks Island, in Canada’s western Arctic, were originally featured in a video entitled Inuit Observations on Climate Change, produced by the International Institute for Sustainable Development, in Winnipeg. Thanks to recording engineer Lawrence Rogers, and to Graham Ashford and Neil Ford, the video’s producers.

Web site text: Toby Maloney

CD and Webpage design Brian Hydesmith,
Hydesmith Communications, Winnipeg.

Special thanks to Mo Karrouze, Rob Lowrie, Meaghan Moon, Bill Starling, Dan Weisenberger and Christina Wong.

ClimateWatch is made possible by generous grants from the Government of Canada’s Climate Change Action Fund, and the Manitoba Climate Change Action Fund

Individual CDs: CAN $20 / U.S. $15
Complete 5-CD set: CAN $75 / U.S. $50

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Government of Canada
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ClimateWatch is a series of audio documentaries and public service messages about Earth's atmosphere, climate change and global warming. This five CD set is available to university, community, public and commercial radio stations, and to educational and academic users. Follow the Orders link.

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